Dr. Ranjit Majumder 


Hi! I am Dr. Ranjit Majumder, the president of Hotlinecounseling.com I have doctorate in psychology and I am licensed to practice psychology by The State Board of Examiners of Psychologists in West Virginia. I am a Diplomat in Forensic Psychology. I have worked in a Veterans Administration Hospital, taught at the West Virginia University and administered a Research Institute on physical and mental disability. I have traveled Europe, Asia, and North and South America extensively.  This has enabled me to understand and appreciate multi - cultures, multi- ethnic societies of the world. I can communicate in English, Spanish, and Bengali.

We, at hotlinecounseling envision a healthy society not only in physical sense, but a society free of mental and emotional problems. For in healthy mind lies healthy body. Studies show to be successful in life; you not only need to have intelligence or high intelligent quotient (IQ) but emotional quotient (EQ) too. While you may achieve success but what will
determine whether you stay at the top, is emotional quotient (EQ).

At hotlinecounseling we are a team of highly qualified professionals, competent and ethical in our practice. The team consists of therapist, counselor and social worker. With these specialized skills we will adopt multi-approach to deal with the problem. We will strive to work with you to create a healthy environment where you will be free from emotional turmoil, conflict, and breakdown and achieve optimum quality of life. We will assist you to handle difficulties through an appropriate diagnosis, treatment and help you in maintaining that well balanced emotional life at home, school and work.

If you are faced with difficulty stress, anxiety, frustration or similar problems resulting disruption, discontinuation and imbalance in your day to day functioning and prevent you to experience life to the fullest, then feel free to contact us or write to us for help.


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