Mental Health Information

When "Missing You" hits You

-Let out the emotions, cry, scream, sing
-Exercise, go for a run, play a sport, take a walk
-Write a letter to the person whether you send it or not letting him know how you  are feeling
-Write a poetry or a diary entry or both
-Go watch a sporting event
-Invite yourself over at a friends place
-Go see a movie, comedy to make you laugh, adventure to take you away, tearjerker to help you cry
-Have other people around you, don't stay alone in your room.

Pet Theory

Studies of human animal interaction have shown that people are more likely speak to each other and have more meaningful significant interaction when animals are present. Evidence of this can be found in a nation wide survey by Dr. Warwick Anderson, of the Baker Institute in Melbourne of Australia, that polled 60% of approximately 6.2 million pet owning households across the country.  

Given that pet owners value the friendly and sometimes intimate companionship of their dog or cat it is not surprising to find that those who have pets are less likely to report feeling lonely compared to non pet owners. 58% of pet owners say that they got to know people and made friends through having pets.

  62% say that having a pet around when people visit makes it easier “To get into conversation and create a friendly atmosphere.” 79% of owners find it comforting to be with their pet “When things go wrong.” 91% feel “Very close” to their pet – almost as many as feel very close to their family. The statistics reveal that those who own pets, especially dogs, have better physical and mental health than non-owners. Pet owners go to the doctor less often. Fewer of them take medication for high blood pressure, sleeping difficulties, high cholesterol or a heart problem. These health benefits from dog as companion animals are reported by all section of community regardless of age, sex, income, education background or occupational status.



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